Meet Analesa

Community Host, Visionary Artist, Encouraging Guide

Hello! I am Analesa Berg.

I love connecting with people on the path to awakening the best of who they are as this is the best way to positively effect our lives, families, and world. It seems this releasing constriction and finding the courage to shine our light is a never-ending journey, so I am right here with you. 

I am most passionate about seeing people connect with one another and feel empowered, seen, and loved in their own lives. I've created communities since I was 15 years old, studied many ways to reach our human potential through healing arts, meaningful conversations, and ancient wisdom, especially the Cosmic Kabbalah as taught by famous Jewish sages and mystics in my family line.

I bring all that to Joyful Light Center, a private and interactive online community I created for Remembering the Joyful Light You Truly Are!

Mostly, I just want to play! My father used to say, "Life is tough." Well, I don't believe it has to be that way anymore. We are in new times, with expansive energies available to us. Let's find the joyful ways of being new humans together. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Let's do this together.