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Hello! I am Analesa Berg.

I have been driven by the desire to “help people be the best they can be” ever since I said that was my life goal at ten years old. 


Knowing something wasn’t quite right in my world, I did my best to be ‘me’ while always searching out what would help me feel happier and more at peace.


After a music therapy degree, marriage, being the best mom I could be, and becoming a cross-cultural consultant during five years of living in Tokyo, Japan, I completed a Master degree in Social work and another in Transpersonal Psychology. I worked internationally as a conference speaker and group facilitator. I created an international women’s group in New Jersey that is going on its 26th year.


A core learning throughout all of these life pathways was that we are conditioned by our life circumstances and no matter what we face - moving to a whole new country and needing to let of of everything we know, family difficulties, feeling boxed in and unhappy, or social pressure to conform to ways that feel misaligned - a key to happiness and true success is our listening deeply to ourselves and finding ways to express our uniqueness.


Whether it is creative expression, spiritual guidance, or community building, I too am on the path of learning and growing right along with you. Life is a dance of opposites and we get to come into harmony in whatever way suits us best. 


I love connecting with people on the path to awakening the best of who they are. Mostly, I just want to play! My father used to say, "Life is tough." Well, I don't believe it has to be that way anymore. We are in new times, with expansive energies available to us. Let's find the joyful ways of being new humans together. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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