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Join Joyful Light Center

A Private Online Community for
Remembering the Joyful Light That You Are!

​Welcome! I created Joyful Light Center as a welcoming and safe online space where together we move beyond limitations and constrictions, slow down and deepen our relationships to each other and our own Source connection, and navigate these transformational times towards a positive future - no matter what.

To support new ways of doing business, Joyful Light Center participation is based on a "care economy" model and is offered by monthly donation. I receive so much from giving my gifts and connecting with you. If you listen to your own inner guidance and choose to offer something for the value you receive, that is so appreciated because I know it is coming from your heart. 

Your donation will help support this platform and allow me to devote more time to you and the community with gatherings, events, and personal connections that makes this a very special and welcoming place.

To learn more about this welcoming community and to register, watch my introductory video and click "Join".

Thank you! See you soon.