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Cosmic Kabbalah
a blueprint for multifaceted living

In 2010, post-marriage, I stood on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and asked,
"What's next?" I heard in my ear,

"You'll go to the Hebrew texts and paint!"  "What? No way," I thought.


As a little girl and teenager I loved doing artwork, singing, and being on stage. I put all of that aside when I had my children. Just as my mother did.

My soul was yearning to express but it wasn't until after my marriage that I made space for myself to really let go. 

After arguing a bit with that voice in my ear I mention above, I agreed to follow the guidance. What resulted was my spending 30 days in silence with my Hebrew books and paints and doing daily shamanic journeys into different realms where I saw images that made it into my paintings. A series of 23 multi-dimensional Hebrew Letter mandalas came through me. They are light codes/keys I call The Alphabet of Vibration®.

They became a major portal for me where I learned more about ancient Kabbalah and the power these letters have when people engage with them in various ways.

Aleph web.jpg
Mem web.jpg

As a student of consciousness and human potential, I was super excited when I realized that these ancient teachings, some taught by a famous relative of mine from the 1500's, are really about consciousness and "repairing the world" (not religion per se).

Cosmic Kabbalah reminds us that we are powerful beings, able to purify what covers up the "sparks of light" that we are. We can transform darkness into light, within ourselves and our world, so humanity and all life can return to higher dimensions (think Garden of Eden before 'the fall').  That is the true "Tikkun olam" , Hebrew for "repairing the world", which is something we are often encouraged to do. It has come to mean getting involved in social justice work. What I am very excited about, from a Cosmic Kabbalah perspective, is that Tikkun Olam means to return to our highest potential and dimensionality. This feels like the most important work we can do in these transformational and challenging times!


Through storytelling, and individual and group sessions, I love sharing these teachings which remind us we are multidimensional beings, aligned to the primordial LIGHT that shines in Jerusalem. They can help you access your own wisdom pathways in your body,  and delight in these little known ancient teachings to move from fear and constriction into freedom and creativity which is your birthright.

Who knew ancient Jewish teachings could be so fun? Now that you do know, I hope you will join me!

Enjoy The Alphabet of Vibration® -Inspired Fine Art Prints, Gifts, & Cards

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