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Join Joyful Light Center
A Private Online Community for

Remembering the Joyful Light That You Are!

Welcome! I created a separate, online community space called Joyful Light Center where we can personally share, connect with friends, build bonds of affection, and support one another in these transformational times. It is a high vibration social media site without advertisements, interference or censorship! Such a relief!!

In the safe and beautiful setting of Joyful Light Center, you will feel seen and heard.


In the spirit of new ways of exchanging resources, the amount of your membership donation, charged monthly, is always up to you. Your donation will help me maintain the platform and continue to freely offer regular, uplifting programs and opportunities that engage and support us all. Check it out with no obligation!


In addition to having your own personal page and feed to share what you are passionate about, I have listed highlights of what I offer through Joyful Light Center below. To learn more and to register, please click the JOIN button below. Thank you! I look forward to enjoying time with you there!

"I have been meeting with Analesa on a regular basis for over 5 years. She has a depth of experience, wisdom, and insights. She sees the big picture and hones in on what is needed at the moment for monumental shifts and transformation.

Analesa is a joy to work with. If you are looking for clarity, tools to get unstuck, and a guide in helping you access the sacred, Analesa would be a great fit for you."  

- Christine Gautreaux, MSW
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Book Personal Sessions with Analesa

One of my greatest pleasures is getting to know people who are on the edge of discovering and sharing their voice, gifts, talents, vulnerabilities, struggles and joys. In other words, being their true selves!

Looking to shift patterns, embody parts of self and talents you've hidden away, heal ancestral trauma? It would be my honor to create sacred and safe space for you to shine. 

Meeting in a private online space, you will check in and share what you would like to see shift and evolve in your life. We will engage in whatever suits your situation best, from meaningful conversation, healing arts, embodied practice, and follow-up next steps that will help you on your way. Financial exchange offered on a sliding scale. 

Relax and Expand with "The Alphabet of Vibration®" Sound
Healing Sessions

Activate your own self-healing ability and assist the repair of your DNA, your inner pathways and hidden centers within your body while I, Analesa, sing the energy of the Hebrew letters I pull from my card deck to serve our community members each week.

Ancient oral teachings from "before The Beginning", taught by Jewish sages and mystics, reveal the letters of the sacred Hebrew alphabet are related to body parts, planets, and elements of Creation.

Start your week out with this uplifting session: Singing The Alphabet of Vibration®. You can easily sign up for this repeating event through The Joyful Light Center.  Mondays, 11:00-11:30 Eastern USA

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Connect with Friends in Collective Sourcing Community Circles

A main goal of Joyful Light Center is to connect people who are dedicated to being part of the solution in these transformational and sometimes challenging times so together we can stay the path and remember we are not alone!

Each week we gather online to share what is present for us. We use a method of communicating called "Collective Sourcing" which fosters deep listening, trust in our own Source connection, and joyful connection with other community members. Come join us and try it out! You are welcome.

"The practice of Collective Sourcing has literally changed my life. I’ve gone from extreme isolation to building deep, deep bonds of affection, joy and connection with those in my local area who said yes to the invitation of joining me in circle this way.”

- Gratefully,  A Collective Sourcing Participant
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Attend Special Events

The 23rd Letter is the One-Woman Show I wrote and performed to share my experience of receiving The Alphabet of Vibration. It's about moving from constriction and patterns to freedom and a love letter to my family line.
Join me as I dialogue, dance, and grapple with beloved people and patterns of the past, and let go of what no longer serves. Here's a sneak peak :) 

"The 23rd Letter" online screening is scheduled for
April 9,  2022, 4:00 pm Eastern USA!
Join Joyful Light Center and receive the link to join us!


We will enjoy this recorded version of the show together, joining in conversation afterwards. It's important and fun to gather for uplifting and supportive events in these times. Watch for invitations to various events at Joyful Light Center. See you there!



Amplify Your Light with Cosmic Kabbalah Experiences

Mysterious oral teachings from dimensions beyond our 3-D world form the basis of Cosmic Kabbalah. Who knew?

It is said:
The Universe is an energetic force of opposites coming together to form a pathway to higher consciousness!

We have inside us the Spark of Infinity which has been hidden by a force that weakens our life force. We are supported in releasing the "klippot" (shell covering the light that we are) and shining our unique light brightly.

These teachings, and more, help us understand why we are experiencing a "virus" now and how we are primed for moving beyond it for the good of all humanity!

This is our time! It's been predicted for ages. Join me, Analesa, as we explore, dance, and enjoy these teachings in ways that help us embody and live our best lives now!

Image by Rabbi Joel Bakst
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