We are entering a new world. Can you feel it?

In times of great change we are invited, often challenged, to be the best version of ourselves.

After years of being slowed down and divided, we can come together in joyful ways, beyond differences, and make this transition.

It doesn't have to be hard. 
Are you ready to embody being a NEW HUMAN?

Meet Analesa

Transformational Artist, Guide, Community Host

Welcome! My name is Analesa.

Feeling very unhappy in my childhood home, I searched for how we, as humanity, could be the best we could be. I learned the importance of: 

Trusting our own inner guidance.

Releasing what holds us back, especially subtle patterns and beliefs we have taken on that aren’t even ours!

Coming together in a community dedicated to reflecting our light and holding space for honest and courageous conversation.

The power of music and art to exponentially support our healing beyond words and ideology.

And I also learned, to my delight, that the mystical teachings of my Jewish ancestors predicted these times, as did so many cultures. And, they gave us amazing, little-known portals to help us raise our consciousness and navigate change now.

It is my honor to share what I know, learn from you, celebrate with you, and guide you on your journey if that feels right. It’s time we create space for all of us to be seen and heard fully so we can shine our unique JOYFUL LIGHT!
Let’s do this together!


How To Engage!

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The Journey Towards a More Harmonious and Peaceful World Starts Within.  

Analesa Berg walks her talk. She is a transformational specialist who helps people deal more effectively with the rapid pace of change and transition to become the kind of person that is needed in this evolving world.

- Jack Canfield
co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Analesa’s Hebrew Alphabet Mandalas gift us with a creative and sacred journey. The vibrant images beckon us to travel to higher worlds and engage in holy conversation with the Divine. 

- Rabbi Debra Smith
Spiritual Leader, Or Ha Lev, NJ

In these times when it is so easy to fall into the lower vibration of fear, being with Analesa and working with her helps me stay in my heart and come from a place of higher consciousness and truth.

- Sarah C.

Personal Client

Let’s Do This Together!

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