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"There's more to me than me!"
- Leo Bloom, accountant, The Producers Musical.

Living your most expansive life and keeping your vibration high as you deal with challenges in life is the most effective way to make significant, easeful and lasting change.

And it doesn’t have to be so hard!



We are in great transformational times. Many things we care about are breaking down.

And yet, you may feel you feel you were born for these times. 
(I know, crazy sounding, but true, right?)


Even amidst "bad news", you can exude joy, celebration, connection, creativity and purpose. This is the light that transforms darkness and raises the vibration of your world. It is your superpower and you are needed.

Throughout my years I’ve moved through many challenging times. I learned a lot along the way that I love to share in joyful, creative ways! I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to experience:


  • Moving beyond limitations to embody your expansive self!

  • The transformational power of song and the arts,

  • Trusting your own inner wisdom beyond outside influences,

  • Accessing your self-healing and multi-dimensional human capacities,

  • Presence in meaningful and beautifully held conversations,

  • The secrets of ancient wisdom so relevant to these times,

  • Staying centered in the midst of chaos,

  • Trusting Nature’s rhythms,

  • Creating the positive future you want to see now.


How To Engage!

Book Personal Sessions Designed Just for You

Relax and Expand with Weekly Sound Healing 

Connect with Friends in Celebration Circles

Hire Analesa - Inspirational Speaker & Performer

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Purchase uplifting fine art and cards from Analesa's original artwork


The Journey Towards a More Harmonious and Peaceful World Starts Within.  

Analesa Berg walks her talk. She is a transformational specialist who helps people deal more effectively with the rapid pace of change and transition to become the kind of person that is needed in this evolving world.

- Jack Canfield
co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Analesa’s Hebrew Alphabet Mandalas gift us with a creative and sacred journey. The vibrant images beckon us to travel to higher worlds and engage in holy conversation with the Divine. 

- Rabbi Debra Smith
Spiritual Leader, Or Ha Lev, NJ

In these times when it is so easy to fall into the lower vibration of fear, being with Analesa and working with her helps me stay in my heart and come from a place of higher consciousness and truth.

- Sarah C.

Personal Client

Let’s Do This Together!

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