When the outside world feels super tight or restrictive, remember... you are truly free, "Joyful Light", here to express your uniqueness and connect fully with life!

Meet Analesa

Transformational Guide, Community Host, Artist

Hi. I am Analesa. At the age of 10 I knew something was wrong with my life. There had to be something more. I vowed to help people be the best they could be. It wasn't until my 40's, after a successful cross-cultural consulting career, that I reawakened creative parts of myself and found what I was looking for through transpersonal psychology and later, by opening to receive guidance from my mystical Jewish ancestors. 

Today, through my online community, one-on-one transformational sessions, meaningful group conversations, performances, and artwork,
I share the importance of building an intimate relationship to Source, awakening your multi-dimensional capacities, and shining your unique spark of light so you can move through challenging times with ease and contribute your best to our interconnected world. ​


How To Engage!

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The Journey Towards a More Harmonious and Peaceful World Starts Within.  

Analesa Berg walks her talk. She is a transformational specialist who helps people deal more effectively with the rapid pace of change and transition to become the kind of person that is needed in this evolving world.

- Jack Canfield
co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Analesa’s Hebrew Alphabet Mandalas gift us with a creative and sacred journey. The vibrant images beckon us to travel to higher worlds and engage in holy conversation with the Divine. 

- Rabbi Debra Smith
Spiritual Leader, Or Ha Lev, NJ

In these times when it is so easy to fall into the lower vibration of fear, being with Analesa and working with her helps me stay in my heart and come from a place of higher consciousness and truth.

- Sarah C.

Personal Client

Let’s Do This Together!

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